Parties Holidays Events Characters
Anniversary  New Years Eve  Acting Clowns
Birthday  Groundhogs Day  Bartenders Dolls
Charity  Valentines  Character Work Elves
Community  Presidents Day  Emcee Events Fairies/Fairytale
Corporate  St Patricks  Meet and Greet Impersonations
Costume  April Fools  Mock Lifeguards Leprechauns
Engagement Easter  Mock Security Guards Look-A-Likes
Farewell  Tax Day  Photo Opportunities Oompa Loompas
Fundraiser  Earth Day  Pranks and Spoofs Mini Characters
Graduation  Cinco de Mayo  Product Launches Mini Me
Housewarming  July 4th  Promotional/Marketing Mini Santas
Kid’s Parties  Labor Day  Public Speaking Mini Uncle Sam
Open House Halloween  Roving Entertainment Munchkins
Political Election Day  Singing Telegrams Super Heroes
Retirement/Roasts Thanksgiving  Waiters/Waitresses Smurfs
Showers Christmas  Wedding Crashers Yoda

 To Name a Few !!!