We Have Both Male and Female Dwarf Talent
Little People come in all ages and sizes just like average-height people!


Our talent is family friendly and professional !!!


Notice that we do not refer to our short talent as “midgets.”  You may be searching for a “midget” but what you really want is a little person or a dwarf.

Q: What is a midget?

A: In some circles, a midget is the term used for a proportionate dwarf. However, the term has fallen into disfavor and is considered offensive by most people of short stature. The term dates back to 1865, the height of the “freak show” era, which is why it is considered so unacceptable today. 

Our talent are individuals who are sons, daughters, parents and grandparents, holding steady employment and using acting as a means to supplement their income by spreading joy.

Such terms as dwarf, little person, LP, and person of short stature are all acceptable, but most of our talent would rather be referred to by their name than by a label.


We will never send any of our dwarf talent into a dangerous, insulting, or humiliating situation.
If you have any desire to have a little person be used in any degrading fashion we will not participate.
It is not only demeaning, but also illegal to assault, toss, or injure in anyway any person regardless of stature!